I discovered Apple Cider Vinegar with "the Mother" years ago, after I read about all its wonderful health benefits. Along with coconut oil, apple cider vinegar is another staple in my kitchen and bathroom that I cannot live without. It's amazing how many wonderful ways apple cider vinegar can be used. The best kind of ACV is raw, unfiltered, and organic with the "gunky" looking stuff floating around known as "The Mother," which contains raw enzymes and gut-friendly bacteria that promotes healing.

First, lets start in the kitchen! I use ACV to make salad dressings, marinades, and basically just try to consume it as much as possible for its health benefits. There are a multitude of  health benefits of ACV. I drink about a tablespoon of ACV with my water because even though it is a vinegar, ACV has an alkaline effect on the body. When the body is at its optimal Ph level-(an alkaline state,) it prohibits many diseases from manifesting. It is known to  lower glucose levels, lower blood pressure, aids in weight loss, and can help regulate candida issues. ACV also helps with heart burn, bloating, and gas. (1T in 8 oz of water)

Now, lets talk about the beauty department and all the wonderful ways you can incorporate ACV into your routine! I use ACV as a toner on my face. (Say What?!) Yes, I know weird, but it works awesome! If you can tolerate the smell of vinegar, I dilute a cotton ball with water first and then soak it with ACV and apply to my face. There is a slight tingle and you may feel like you dipped your face in salad dressing, but when you wake up in the morning your skin will feel smoother, softer, cleaner, and brighter! Follow with some coconut oil as a moisturizer and your face will go to sleep very happy! I've noticed brown spots and fine lines have diminished from using this as a toner. ACV can also be used to get rid of skin irritations such as eczema and other types of rashes. I've used ACV directly on a rash on my arm which my dermatologist said there is nothing he could do for it. After using ACV for only a few nights, the rash is about 70% gone! It can also get rid of moles and warts by applying directly to the area. Who knew! ACV can also be used in your hair as a rinse. It is said to help with dandruff and make hair shiny and smooth!

These are just some common ways to incorporate this healthy vinegar into your life. I recommend Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar with "The Mother." This is a must to have in your house! I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and so will you!! Enjoy!

~Be Well